John Cadena

Participant Profile

Full Name

John Cadena

Professional Title

Japanese Instructor, WL Department Chair

School or Place of Work

James Madison High School, North East ISD, San Antonio, TX

What Level Do You Teach?

Japanese 1 – Japanese 4 AP

How Long Have You Been Teaching?

10 years

About Me

I teach Japanese at a large, public urban high school in South Texas. I love using Twitter and the power of the #langchat online community to broaden my horizons and expand my PLN. I proudly joined the #langchat team as a co-moderator in early 2015, and I’m always excited to work with other WL teachers locally and globally to improve my craft and contribute to the rich collaboration happening in our field. In my classroom laboratory, I am exploring how to: deliver comprehensible input from engaging authentic resources; deepen my toolbox of input strategies; build students’ literacy in a different-script language; measure that all students are participating in and comprehending instruction; and increase my effective use of TL in the classroom.


Twitter Username

@cadenasensei —