About the TELL Collab

epic_teachers2The TELL Collab was a participant-driven professional learning experience that took place from 2014 to 2017. It allowed educators to engage in the very practices of effective learning they are expected to develop in their own language teaching environment. Over the course of the experience, participants were challenged to become active learning leaders in a variety of settings that asked them to explore, model and share effective language learning practices identified in the TELL Framework.

How TELL Collab Has Empowered Participants

The TELL Collab model fosters professional conversations and deep learning experiences with national experts, teacher leaders, and colleagues.  The goal is to empower participants to take control of their own professional learning.

Traditional Conference TELL Collab
Set schedule developed by organizers Participant-driven schedule based on professional learning needs
Series of speakers selected by organizers Participants share resources to support professional learning needs
Pre-determined content Participants able to personalize content
Notebook full of good ideas with possibly no time to process how to use them Participants leave with idea(s) AND strategies for implementing them
Sessions may be so large that participant interaction becomes minimal Participants actively work in a variety of small group settings 
Professional credit based on seat-time Participants earn performance-based badges that “show what they know”

What Past Participants Had to Say